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Pay-Per-Click Ad Strategy and Management

This is PPC campaign management from the ground up. Lounge Lizard offers customized PPC campaigns and targeting strategies. Increase your traffic, website conversions, and revenue without spending a lot of time and effort. Contact us now and see positive results in a week.

Everything we do is “white hat” and designed for long-term, scalable success — not fly-by-night “tricks” that may or may not work today and that might incur penalties in the future.

Our PPC Process:

Keyword analysis
Competitor analysis
Bid strategy
Re-marketing setup (if necessary)
Creative design and copy-writing
Placement strategy
Conversion tracking
Daily improvements

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The Benefits Of Hiring An Agency For PPC

Save Time & Money

You can, of course, train a member of your team to manage PPC campaigns but it would usually take a considerable amount of time. A good PPC management service can deliver even better results in just a fraction of the time and money it takes to train someone to manage PPC campaigns.
The point is, you’ll need experts for your PPC campaigns to consistently produce excellent results. The main pitfall of DIY PPC campaign management is the impression of ease. PPC campaign management requires a lot of time, effort, resources, and aptitude in digital marketing.

Better Results

A good PPC management service does not only understand their client’s short-term goals but also anticipate what they want to happen in the long-run. It’s not just about the success of one campaign but the success of the overall advertising strategy.
The PPC management service can increase your income and revenue flow but the most important thing you can gain is a deeper understanding of your target market. Consequently, an expert’s perspective on things can enable you to create insightful decisions on future campaigns.


Each PPC campaign should match your goals and strategies. Here at Lounge Lizard, we take every element of your campaign into consideration. We will provide you with a dedicated campaign manager to create customized PPC campaign management strategies and supply you with up-to-date advertising tools. These tools will enable you to tap into extensive ad networks and a treasure trove of campaign insights.

Shared Success

We have a mutual desire for success. That’s why we will provide you with all the necessary tools to succeed. As a PPC marketing agency, we can assist you in collecting competitor intelligence, keyword research, keyword selection, market research, market analysis, copywriting, campaign development, A/B testing, campaign monitoring, managing Google Ads rule-based bidding, and more.
PPC advertising is not a one-time setup – it is a continuous process that needs constant tweaking and updating. We’ll make sure that each of your PPC campaigns will run seamlessly every step of the way.
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Why Do You Need PPC Advertising for Your Business?

Pay-per-click advertising or PPC advertising is one of the most efficient ways to get your brand or message in front of an audience. In PPC advertising, you do not need to search for an audience – the audience searches for you. Whether your goal is to reach new audiences or increase conversion rates, PPC advertising can produce your desired results.

PPC advertising, if done right, can increase your revenue in the most cost-effective and quickest way possible. Generally speaking, PPC advertising costs less per conversion. The ads only appear alongside relevant search results on search engines. Most importantly, you only pay per click – not per appearance of the ads.

Aside from the balance between cost and revenue, you can also reap the benefits in no time. You can experience an increase in traffic within your PPC campaign’s first week. That’s why PPC advertising is the go-to strategy for rapid growth.